I have been given a YogaHive Pass, how do I use it?

Simple! Search for a studio near you here: https://www.yogahive.com.au/find-a-studio/ . Choose which class you’d like to attend and book online using the code found on your YogaHive Pass. Repeat again at another studio until all your passes are used up or until you find one that you love. All studios will accept a maximum of 1 YogaHive Pass from you as it is introductory. For this reason, if you are already a student at a studio you can't use YogaHive Pass there. Enjoy!

I was issued a YogaHive Pass in my name, can I gift it to someone else to use?

Yes you can. When you log on to YogaHive you’ll see there is a Gift a YogaHIve Pass button…just email over your credit to whomever you like. They will be invited to log on and claim the gift.

Can I use more than one YogaHive Pass at the same class or studio?

Each studio has agreed to allow you to use a maximum of 1 YogaHive Pass at their studio . YogaHive Pass serve as an introduction to a range of studios. If you prefer to attend classes at just one studio then you can purchase their Studio Pass available on their listing on this webiste.

I did not have time to use my passes, can I extend the expiry date?

Try to use your passes within the expiry period. However if this is not possible, please contact us (before the passes expire) and we will endeavour to re-issue them for you.

If I have attended a class with one teacher, can I then go back to the same studio with my YogaPass and do a class with another teacher?

Yes you can as long as you don't visit the studio more than twice using YogaHive Passes. If you like the studio consider re-visitng their listing with us and purchasing their Studio Pass.

Is my pass refundable?

Yes you can have a full refund on your passes provided none of them have been redeemed, you are within the expiry period and the pass was purchased under your name.

This may not be possible with two-for-one deals or if you purchased the passes via another provider. If so please contact us for more information.

Can I use my YogaHive Passes with more than one studio?

Yes! In fact the whole purpose of YogaHive is to encourage you to use your passes at as many studios as you can, therefore exposing you to different teachers and styles of yoga in the hope that you will find one you love and want to go to regularly.

Why can I not find the studio I want to go to?

Studios join us by choice and for free. If there is a studio we have not yet approached then please do let us know by email and we will contact them to see whether they would like us to list them and then let you know the result. For most studios this is an easy choice as it is free to list. There are literally thousands of yoga studios in Australia and we would love to follow any recommendations you might make.

I just want to go to one studio . How can I use this website?

Visit the studio of interest on our website and purchase their Studio Pass. Studios will provide their best introductory offer on this website and you will be emailed the Studio Pass immediately on purchase. You can use the code provided on the Studio Pass to book in to their classes online. This option is again found on their listing.

I see I can book using my Studio pass or YogaHive Pass code. What if I want to pay in cash ?

Simply contact the studio to ensure they have space in the class and then head along with your paper and coins.

How do I get my studio listed on YogaHive?

We are transitioning to a new system so for the meantime simply let us know you are keen to be listed by filling in this form :

We will have you up and listed in a jiffy and let you know the moment you are there.

How do I claim my YogaHive Passes?

People with a YogaHive pass will book their classes online through your YogaHive listing. As soon as they do so we are notified here at YogaHive and you are notified by email that they have booked. We send out all payments once a week to your nominated bank account at $5 per YogaHive Pass .

What is a Studio Pass?

Studio Passes are essentially passes to your studio only. You personalise them with your logo and your choice of colour. We sell them on your behalf. We ask you to create at least one Studio Pass which corresponds to your best offer. This is because whilst we think it's a great idea for students to try different studios before settling on one path of practice, often students are only interested in attending one studio. You receive 94% of this sale.

You might like to consider using Studio Passes and the YogaHive booking system as an affordable way to organise your studio sales. The booking system is free and the 6% which includes credit card and merchant facilities.

Stay tuned for the autumn launch of inclusive report generation, email and text class reminders and integration with your facebook and website interface. The booking system will be state of the art and considerably more economical than other popular booking systems used by yoga studios.

I have moved or my website has changed, how do I change my listing?

We are transitioning to a new system due for full functionality June 30th 2018. You will then be able to log on to your listing at anytime to update or delete. In the meantime simply email us : info@yogahive.com.au and we will assist.

Why would I want to give away cheap classes like this?

YogaHive exists to get yoga ‘out there’. We specialise in presenting yoga to new audiences and encouraging wider uptake. Through partnering with not-for-profits, corporations, government departments, events, affiliates, health professionals and anyone else we can think of, we bring people’s attention to yoga studios and encourage them to jump on the mat.

Your undertaking when listed on YogaHive is to accept a maximum of 1 YogaHive Pass from each student . This student must never have been your student before at your studio. YogaHive works to bring completely new students to your studio. You will be paid $5 per YogaHive Pass you accept and will be able to market your studio out to a much wider audience as our job is to 'get yoga out there'. Your job is to keep them engaged with yoga at your studio.

I am just a yoga teacher with a few classes, I don't have a website or my own studio, can I still join YogaHive?

Yes we would love to have you! Our services are tailored in particular for the smallest yoga operations to encourage the practice of yoga everywhere by everyone. Your free listing with us is a great place to start if you are new to teaching.

Where can I drop off my stock of pre-loved mats?

You can find your nearest drop off point here : https://www.lovearth.com.au/donationprogram or consider becoming a drop off point yourself which has big advantages for bringing people to you studio.

I can't log in.

We are in the middle of a transformation so for now you’ll need to contact us for any changes or queries. You’ll be able to log in and access your studio dashboard by the middle of May 2018. We can’t wait!