What we're about

YogaHive is a collective dedicated to providing a nexus for a nation-wide community devoted to health and wellbeing. We take immense pleasure in creating this hive for our rapidly growing and inspired community of teachers and students of yoga to flourish together in Australia.


We've spent over three decades refining ways of making yoga available to people around Australia, through easily accessible passes, workplace programs, and community involvement, all of which have culminated in YogaHive. We’ve created and collaborated with Off the Mat, Into the World,YogaPass, UN World Yoga Day, Healthy Results and Yoga Solutions and now Get Off Your Asana.


Get Off Your Asana receive 29% of our profit. GOYA recognises and encourages the role yogis in this country play in bringing about positive social and environmental change. GOYA draws the yoga community together to discuss and build actions such as Though the Heart of Yoga, the Yoga Australia Reconciliation Action Plan etc, provides and attracts funding for efforts made by yogis to support specific fields of change and highlights the role of Service as a fundamental of yoga practice.

Positive Change

We encourage more Australians to become healthy, strong, and connected and able to focus their compassion through the practice of yoga. Yoga practise enables us to bring about the personal, social and global changes that will allow each of us - and our children to flourish.

The Team

Cate Peterson

YogaHive Founder

Stefan Joesler

Graphic Designer

Simon Reed

Zen Accountant

Robin Borrud

Get Off Your Asana

Marshall Gray

Project Manager & Experience Designer