Yoga Buzz Bundles

What are Yoga Buzz Bundles?

A great way to reward your staff, say thank you to your supporters, encourage healthy lifestyle for your students etc.

Bored with the traditional rewards and holiday season gifts? Looking for something different to reward your folk with, that actually improves their health and wellbeing? Yoga Buzz Bundles are a unique way to inspire, empower, say thank you, or give a Random Act of Kindness to those who support you and at the same time generate a happier and healthier work force.

Think of Yoga Buzz passes as yoga classes that you can buy at a wholesale price! A class is typically $20-$25, so if you were to give an employee a 2 class pass ...well that's a $50 gift. We offer you the opportunity to buy these at a massively discounted rate at $5 or under per class depending on your volume requirements. Below is our pricing structure.

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How it works

It's easy to set up and easy to use

1. Choose how many

You have decided its a great idea and want 1,000 Hive passes (you can decide how many you want in units of 10)

2. Fill in the order form

Click the Hive Bundle Order Now button of your choice or the Start Now button to fill out the order form.

3. Choose distribution method

Select the number of passes to be allocated to each recipient. Then choose a delivery option. You have 3 choices. You can check them below.

Distribution Methods

1. Get printed passes

We will send you printed passes in the mail for you to give out at your event / organisation. Add on a $300 printing and service fee.

2. We mail passes to your list

To take all the hassle out of your hands, we can email YogaHive passes direct to a list that you supply to us. We DO NOT add anyone to our own database from your list. It remains entirely your property and once the email has been sent we will delete your list. This is hassle free, personalized email and has a set-up fee of $150. You design the email using your images and logos ensuring that you approve the email design and message.

3. Get a list of YogaHive coupon codes

Receive a list of coupon codes in a CSV. You can plug the codes direct into your communication to each individual. This will allow them to receive the YogaHive pass in our shop free of charge.

4. Pay securely

Pay using our secure payment gateway. Then go onto design your pass with your companies logo, giving the pass a title and a message to the recipients.

Choose from these 5 Yoga Buzz Bundles

Buzz Bundle WORKER Icon



Up to 100 passes


Buzz Bundle DRONE Icon



101 to 200 passes


Buzz Bundle QUEEN Icon



201 to 500 passes


Buzz Bundle HONEYPOT Icon



501 to 1000 passes


Buzz Bundle HIVE Icon



1001 plus passes


Buzz Bundle FAQ's


When you buy a large quantity of yoga buzz passes at a wholesale bundle rate, you get to give thanks to those who support you in a way that genuinely benefits their health which will inevitably have positive role-on effects for you and your work. Each Buzz Pass can be used at yoga studios all around Australia and is valid for twelve months, so you’re giving something that people not only get excited about, but actually use. To check out the benefits of yoga visit Yoga as Therapy.

For whom?

Whether you're a business looking to endorse health and work-life balance among your staff; a conference or event looking to inspire attendees; an organisation who wants to thank those who support your cause, or any other wild and fanciful venture you may be involved with, Yoga Buzz Bundles are a creative, inspiring solution.


Each Buzz Pass can be used at yoga studios all around Australia and is valid for twelve months, so you're giving something that people not only get excited about, but actually use.

So why wouldn't you?

Call us today on 1300 9642 4483 (1300YOGAHIVE), email us with questions or simply start the process now!